Hello, afterschool partners!

As champions for children, we’re all on the same team. If you’re teaching, coordinating or managing an afterschool program that serves kids in grades K-12, Mizzen can help you deliver an even more meaningful learning experience. One that can change a child’s life.

How Mizzen helps managers

If you manage an afterschool program, you’re tasked with ensuring it’s effective and has the kind of impact that can keep funding flowing. You’re also aware that members of your team need support, help and coaching to be their best. Mizzen can help with all of that.

  • Work with your instructors to build an engaging curriculum

  • Stay on top of attendance, schedules and well-reviewed content

  • Coach instructors with Mizzen’s Pro Tips

  • Gain visibility for your programs

  • Feel you are doing the very best for your program, your instructors and your students.

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How Mizzen helps instructors

Teachers. Instructors. Site coordinators. Aides. Whatever your job title, you focus on helping kids. Mizzen helps you with the “how,” as well as with other aspects of your role in your afterschool program. With Mizzen, you can keep kids coming back so they can move forward.

  • Access free, quality content that’s relevant, fun and engaging

  • Choose from a variety of formats from 30-minute activities to multi-week modules

  • Explore a broad range of subjects such as art/music, STEM, 21st century skills, entrepreneurship, civics and more

  • Provide feedback to your peers and other instructors via the content rating system

  • Schedule groups, take attendance and message your team

  • Get how-tos and strategies for afterschool programs with Pro Tips

  • Feel connected to a larger community of like-minded peers

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