About Mizzen

Mizzen by Mott partners with afterschool networks, programs, and educators to deliver high-quality afterschool experiences through a comprehensive digital library of teaching and learning resources via mobile app and web-based platforms.   

Mizzen empowers educators to design and deliver engaging afterschool programs that spark joy, curiosity, and a love of learning for all children and youth. 

Engaging Youth Content is designed by community-based organizations, afterschool programs, and educational entities committed to supporting high-quality programming for youth.

Empowering Educators Mizzen offers a growing library of professional development resources that equips and informs afterschool practitioners. 

Providing Equal Access Mizzen provides equitable access for all programs, youth participants, and program staff to the best teaching and learning content, tools, and resources available in the afterschool space.

Mizzen’s services and solutions are free and easily accessible to the afterschool field through support from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. 

The Mott Foundation’s Afterschool Network

The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation has supported efforts to create high-quality educational opportunities for young people, particularly in underserved communities, for over 80 years. We fund and support a 50-state afterschool network and leading national organizations that reach 100,000 programs serving more than 10 million kids.

This work inspired us to support the development of Mizzen by Mott as a free app to help afterschool professionals deliver exciting learning opportunities that will inspire, engage and empower young learners.


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