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#TeamMizzen 2022 Reflections

As 2022 draws to a close, our team has been engaging in reflective practices of our own. As shared in our Pro Tip on End-of-Year Reflections, “Reflective practice is, in its simplest form, thinking about or reflecting on what you do. It is closely linked to the concept of learning from experience, in that you think about what you did, and what happened, and decide from that what you would do differently next time.” 

We invite you to share in our team’s reflections and use these questions to guide your own. 

  • What is one insight you had about out-of-school time this year?
    1. Kristin Stayer, VP of Engagement of Education, “ I was continuously reminded how educators want to be connected - whether with one another, their young people, the communities they serve in, or to meaningful resources to create learning experiences.” 
    2. Sarah Mellon, Resource Innovation Manager, “This year presented several opportunities to see, in greater depth, the common and specific experiences happening within different OST settings. The willingness of professionals in the field to openly, honestly, and in partnership share their experiences to work together has inspired so much thought. “
    3. Angelina Garner, VP of Strategic Partnerships, “That [Mizzen is] on the right track on how we are cultivating community and the type of learning resources to support young people and OST professionals. Every time we connect with the OST field, we learn and grow and take that feedback to improve upon our work. Yes, we practice CIP (Continuous Improvement Process) as an organization!
  • What was a professional highlight?
    1. Carlos Santini, CEO: “I think my final presentation of the year to the Mott App Leadership group was one of those moments that I can look back and say that I did everything in that overview and sharing of the work that I planned for. I’m my own worst critic, so it was nice to look back and admit that I was proud of myself!”
    2. Hailee Moehnke, Projects and Events Manager: “Attending, exhibiting, and presenting at the Georgia Afterschool Conference in September. It was the first conference event I attended as a full time Mizzen employee and I couldn’t have asked for a better start. The conference was filled with energy, love, gratitude, ideation, inspiration, and fun.”
    3. Kyle Swank, Data and Systems Manager; “Getting the opportunity to learn a great deal about data analytics and thinking about how it can help the out-of-school time field.”
  • What's something you want to take with you into 2023?
    1. Carlos: I want to continue building our identity as an org and as a team, continue to operate as a human-centered organization, be more intentional in how we integrate our core values into our work, and acknowledge and celebrate the Mizzen community of users.
    2. Kristin: The practice of connection. I want to continue to build on the joy, insights, and belonging that takes place when we are present and connected to one another. At Mizzen, we say (and practice!), “Mizzen is more than a digital platform.” I’m looking forward to continuing to live into that and participate in meaningful connections with one another. 
    3. Angelina: To remember to be authentic, keep a spark of curiosity, have faith and enjoy life!
    4. Hailee: Joy – finding it, celebrating it, creating it, honoring it. Our team was lucky to attend MOSAC2 (Missouri Afterschool Network’s conference) in November – on the second day, we heard from an amazing keynote speaker, Tara Brown, and her message has stayed in my brain. She shared about the importance of relationships, honoring humans for who they are, and as she called it, “slinging dopamine”, aka finding ways to uplift everyone we meet. It could be something small like sharing a smile or saying hello or something bigger like surprising someone with their favorite candy bar after a hard day or offering a genuine and empathetic listening ear. In 2023, I want to sling dopamine and do everything I can to create, offer, and honor joy. 
    5. Sarah: Continued opportunities to listen and grow in ways that will contribute to our work in new and exciting ways. 
    6. Kyle: Patience and perspective. 

We are beyond grateful for our growing Mizzen community. We have enjoyed ideating, tinkering, playing, creating, and celebrating with you in 2022 and eagerly await what 2023 holds.