Afterschool learning can be better and more fun than ever!

Mizzen by Mott is the all-in-one tool that can strengthen your program.
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Find fresh, first-rate content

Mizzen leverages Mott’s relationships with NASA, Jazz at Lincoln Center and others to provide exciting content that engages young people. From building balloon-powered rockets to exploring improv, activities will challenge, delight and inspire awe.

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Save time and energy

Built with and for afterschool professionals, Mizzen simplifies program planning and delivery with easy-to-use attendance, messaging, communications and scheduling tools. Mizzen frees you up so you can fully focus on the learning experience.

Supercharge your skills

With articles in Mizzen’s Pro Tips library, you can hone your skills, bring content to life, and address challenges and opportunities. This rich resource helps your team bring its “A” game, always.


Building stronger programs together

Although Mizzen by Mott has been shaped by input from afterschool professionals, we still need your help to make it the best it can be. Join us on this journey and help shape the future of afterschool!