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Empower Youth with Joyful Movement and Learning Fun

Ready … Set … Go! Grab your water bottle, throw on your favorite kicks, and join us in welcoming PowerUp Fitness to Mizzen Education!

Research shows that being physically active bolsters not only the body but also the brain … and learning. But less than one in four school-age children participate in 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

That’s where Mizzen + PowerUp Fitness come in. As you prepare to welcome youth back to (after)school this fall, PowerUp Fitness and Mizzen have partnered to bring you an action pack of fun, evidence-based physical activities that are aligned with Math and English Language Arts standards.

Adaptable anywhere — from wide open activity rooms to small group settings — PowerUp Fitness content will help you infuse joyful movement into learning for PreK-8 students. You’ll find games like Alphabet Relay and Geometry Jumps that blend physical activity, learning, and fun.

Mizzen Education partners with the OST community to provide high-quality resources and experiences for youth-serving professionals that spark curiosity, joy, and a love of learning in children and youth. Supported by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Mizzen is available at no cost to those who are empowering young learners everywhere.

PowerUp Fitness is on a mission to empower youth through fitness, education, and fun. Founded in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2012, today PowerUp Fitness serves young people in 39 states and 400 program sites.

How PowerUp Fitness Got Its Start

Founder & CEO Stacy Scott Baugues joined the afterschool and health/prevention fields with a background in pediatric fitness, kinesiology, and education. Soon, she saw a serious gap. Just as more studies showed how exercise could transform student health and learning, physical education programs were being cut from the school day, or students were pulled from P.E. for academic interventions. It didn’t add up. She envisioned PowerUp Fitness as a way to help school administrators and educators overcome the barriers to physical activity and bring its benefits to young people, before, during, and after school. The idea took root and now benefits more than 56,000 students nationwide.

Today, through its collaboration with Mizzen, PowerUp Fitness will bring its unique brand of learning experiences to even more out-of-school time programs and youth.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Mizzen! We’re excited to share our favorite movement and learning activities with Mizzen app users, to support their incredible work in the field, and inspire movement, learning, and fun in out-of-school time programs across the country.” — Stacy Baugues, Founder and CEO, PowerUp Fitness

“We welcome PowerUp Fitness to the Mizzen Partner family. Their partnership will continue to expand our health and wellness learning resources and bring fun and innovative experiences to youth across the country.” — Angelina Garner, Mizzen Education Vice President of Strategic Partnerships

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PowerUp Your Program 

PowerUp Fitness content in Mizzen can benefit programs of any size and budget and is aligned with academic and common core standards. 

Starting this month, you’ll find:

  1. Alphabet Stretch, which engages children (grades K-5) in stretching their bodies and strengthening their knowledge of spelling and grade-level vocabulary aligned with Common Core (ELA) standards.
  2. Geometry Jumps, through which youth (grades 5-8) leap into learning more about geometry — and apply the Pythagorean Theorem.
  3. Guess the Steps, which gets children (grades 2-5) moving with math as they practice estimation, distance and measurement.
  4. State Jumps, which brings the geography of the 50 states to life for youth (grades 4-8) through a reenergizing activity break that works in almost any indoor or outdoor setting.

Given the impact of the pandemic on young people’s mental health and wellbeing, PowerUp Fitness also infuses its learning activities with elements that foster social-emotional learning, team-building, and reflection.

“We can't wait for Mizzen app users to PowerUp the fun! We LOVE the ease of accessibility that our new partnership will provide to folks seeking high quality physical activity content designed for out-of-school time settings. We know that the Mizzen platform will seamlessly connect youth, and the individuals who serve them, to our unique programming combining movement and academics.” — Alicia Price, Director of National Partnerships, PowerUp Fitness

“By creating activities that fit a variety of settings, PowerUp Fitness learning resources are an excellent fit for OST programs everywhere. At Mizzen we’re excited to partner with PowerUp Fitness to share new ways for young people to engage in learning and physical activity.” — Sarah Mellon, Mizzen Education Manager of Resource Innovation

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