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Mizzen Education: The Creativity of We
More than a platform
Mizzen Education: Our story
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Carlos Santini

Chief Executive Officer

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Hailee Moehnke

Projects and Events Manager


Angelina Garner

Vice President of Strategic Innovation and Partnerships


Kristin Stayer

Vice President of Engagement and Educator Experiences


Sarah Mellon

Manager of Resource Innovation 


Kyle Swank

Systems and Data Manager

Janine Krause

Janine Krause

Operations Manager

Hiring LinkedIn Post

We're hiring!

Head of Product

Full Stack Developer

To apply, please submit your resume, cover letter, and portfolio to  

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"They genuinely care. There’s a magnetism to that team because you can feel how much they care and so it’s easy to say ‘they’ve got to be one of our partners.'"

Daniel Hatcher, Alliance for a Healthier Generation
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