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Mizzen by Mott is a free platform for out-of-school time educators featuring 1,400+ engaging instructional activities. Whether you’re looking for a hands-on STEM experiment, community-building game, or an action-packed playlist of art, music, and makerspace activities, Mizzen’s got you covered with: 

  • At-your-fingertips simple lessons, full units and icebreakers. 
  • Pro tips for staff development.
  • Program calendar scheduling features.
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"In the community-based organizations that we're working with, we have staff members that are really strapped in terms of time, energy, resources... the Mizzen by Mott app provides them a resource directly in their hand with real valuable content that's going to leave an impression on a young person's life." 

John Hamilton, Camp HOPE America

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Check out some of our favorite lessons:

Roll Out The Snakes!

👥 Grades K - 2 

Rolling out clay coils is a great way to create a snake. Children create their own snakes from clay and decorate them with geometric shapes and patterns.

Design Landscape Ceramic Tiles

👥 Grades 6 - 8  

Students design a 3-inch-by-5-inch rectangular tile for a landscape. This activity can include clay construction or the use of air-hardening clay options. This activity may require up to 3 sessions. Review the Preparation steps for more information.

Character Mash-Up

👥 Grades 9 - 12

In this activity, students choose well-known characters from books, movies, and other media. Then, they form groups of 3 to plan and perform a short skit about the character.


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