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Your all-in-one afterschool tool

Mizzen by Mott is an innovative tool designed to help you plan and deliver engaging courses, lessons and activities. With high-quality content, organizational tools and Pro Tips from education experts, Mizzen makes it easy for you to create exciting learning opportunities for students.


It shows everything you need, at-a-glance, to start your day and make it productive.

  • See the day’s “featured content,” with user reviews, a description of the activity and materials needed

  • Check out the Tip of the Day with instruction and inspiration to elevate the learning experience

  • Review the day’s attendance and schedules

  • Navigate to all other sections of the app, including content, Pro Tips and messages



What’s everyone up to? This screen helps you keep on top of the schedule, letting you see who will learn what and when.

  • Organize students into specific cohorts

  • Know what groups are scheduled and how many students are registered

  • Coordinate and better manage student activities



Explore a world of exciting and engaging lessons and activities.

  • Search for subjects ranging from arts to zoology

  • View detailed descriptions of each module

  • Read user reviews — and add reviews of your own

  • See step-by-step guidance for each session, including learning objectives and necessary materials

  • Review discussion points and ways to evaluate outcomes


Pro Tips

Browse this informative library of practical, simple tips from educational experts.

  • Learn best practices for afterschool programs

  • Read suggestions on how to bring content to life

  • Discover ways to build your skills and solve problems

Pro Tips


Need to send an update or ask a question of someone in your program? Now, it’s easier than ever.

  • Connect with a fellow instructor or manager if a question or need comes to mind

  • Colleagues are automatically listed so you never have to figure out the best way to reach them