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Carlos Santini shares his vision for Mizzen by Mott

How will Mizzen shine a spotlight on afterschool innovation? How can school-day and out-of-school time educators team up to advance equity? How can the afterschool field help young people and families navigate the pandemic and recovery?

In this Q&A, Mizzen CEO Carlos Santini, a leader in the youth development field for nearly two decades, shares his reflections on these questions and how they inform his vision for the future of Mizzen by Mott.

You’ll hear how Carlos sees community-building as the “secret sauce” of OST programs, why he envisions Mizzen becoming a platform for afterschool creativity, problem-solving and innovation, and how Mizzen will elevate solutions created by educators for educators.

Visit the Mott Foundation’s website for the full article.

Hear from Carlos in a video clip from the interview: