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Hi, we’re Mizzen Education! 👋

We've always believed in the power of connections - those magical bridges that bring people together, create vibrant communities, and nurture meaningful learning experiences. And today, we're absolutely thrilled to introduce you to our new name: Mizzen Education! 🎉 (formerly Mizzen by Mott)

Say it with us: Mizzen (pronounced miz-uhn) - the name that symbolizes our commitment to working "at the middle" to connect educators with content, quality with equity, and passion with innovation.

We are reinforcing our unwavering commitment to foster stronger connections within the out-of-school time community. While our trusted Mizzen platform remains unchanged, get ready for a whole new chapter of empowering education and endless possibilities! Stay tuned for some fun new branding updates, in-person & virtual events, interactive giveaways, and much more! 

Let's inspire a brighter future in education, together! 

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Build a space module, plant a pollinator garden, launch a business idea. If youth can dream it, we’ve got the lessons, activities, and resource guides to help you bring it to life. Build, adapt, and design your next learning experience today!

  • Digital and Media Literacy
    Digital & Media Literacy 
  • Social and Emotional Learning
    Social & Emotional Learning
  • 21st Century Skills
    21st Century Skills
  • College and Career Readiness
    College & Career Readiness
  • Arts
  • Social Studies and History
    Social Studies & History
  • Language Arts and Literacy
    Language Arts & Literacy 
  • Health and Wellness
    Health & Wellness
  • STEM
  • Entrepreneurship
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We partner with the out-of-school time field to spark curiosity, cultivate joy, and inspire a love of learning among children and youth.

Led by Carlos Santini, CEO, Team Mizzen has deep roots in youth development and a passion for out-of-school time learning.

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Keep informed, connected, inspired, and refueled with Mizzen Minute. Get news you can use, practitioner perspectives, and a healthy dollop of inspiration. 

“Mizzen is unique in that it’s a one-stop shop for our field. There are amazing educational resources out there, to be sure, but this is the first one that’s entirely geared toward us.” 

— Aiko Sato