Schedule activities with the calendar

Learn how to schedule activities for your groups using the calendar.

Wouldn't it be great if you could easily schedule lesson plans for your kids for the week, or further ahead? With Groups you can do exactly that. Each group has its own calendar allowing for scheduling.

View A Group's Schedule

  1. To see the schedule tap on a group.
  2. Tap the Calendar button near the bottom.Groups_Calendar_Button
  3. Along the top of the calendar screen will be different ways to view your schedule. Choose the style of view that works best for you.Scheduled_Content_Calendar

Quickly Find Scheduled Activities

  1. View a group.
  2. Tap on either Playlists, Modules or Activities to review the list of activities that have been scheduled for that group.
  3. Tap to review the content for that Playlist, Module, or Activity.

Schedule Activities

Content can be easily scheduled while viewing any content in Mizzen.

  1. Tap the Calendar icon in the lower right corner.Content_Schedule_Button
  2. Select a group and set a start date for that content.

Remove An Activity From The Calendar

  1. Locate the activity you have scheduled for a particular day.

  2. While viewing the activity you'll see a Schedule section. Scheduled_Content
  3. Clicking the trash can Scheduled_Content_Trash_Icon icon will bring up a prompt.
  4. Choose Cancel to keep the scheduled activity on the calendar, or choose Remove Event to remove it from the calendar.

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