Review Mizzen on the Apple App Store

Learn how to provide a review of Mizzen on the Apple App Store.

Help spread awareness of Mizzen by writing a review and tell your peers how it has helped you in the classroom. Word of mouth is incredibly powerful.

We need your help making Mizzen a success. The more educators that get the opportunity to use Mizzen the more successful we consider Mizzen to be.

If you use an Android device we have another guide for the Google Play Store.

If you're not having a positive experience we'd love if you could write in to our customer support and success team so we could learn why. We'll try to help you achieve your goals using Mizzen. But if you'd like to provide your feedback via a review, that's fine, too.

1. Goto the App Store and view the Mizzen by Mott app. You can tap here on an iOS device and be taken there.
2. Scroll down to the Ratings & Reviews section
3. Tap Write a Review
4. On the next screen you can provide a star rating. The more stars the better.
5. Provide a title and review text. Then tap Send in the upper right corner to complete.

Thank you! Reviews are important and help Mizzen get more visibility on the Apple App Store.