Quick Tour of Mizzen

Mizzen by Mott provides helpful tools and resources for afterschool professionals. This guide will walk you through Mizzen's features so you can use them in your afterschool programs with your colleagues!


The home screen provides a quick view of which groups are meeting today so you can take attendance. It also shows Featured Content, and a Tip of the Day.

See how your day begins


Mizzen's group features allow keeping track of students that will participate in specific activities or work with specific teachers. Use the Calendar to plan for tomorrow or for the next week.

Let groups make your planning easier


The content area contains high quality, vetted lessons and activities from publishers like NASA, PBS and Jazz at Lincoln Center. You can use these lessons in your classroom to keep your kids active and engaged.

Tap into the heart of Mizzen and find great content

Pro Tips

Pro tips help educator's with advice, inspiration, and encouragement from experts and help advance your own professional development.

Learn more from Pro Tips


Messages allow communication between members within your organization. Sending and receiving messages is easy and helps your instructors and organizers stay connected.

Communicate with your colleagues