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Guidelines for Preparing to Use Mizzen In your Program

Are you preparing to use Mizzen in your Program? You'll find guidelines and advice in this document to help prepare ahead of time.

What are Organizations?

An organization is the primary entity within Mizzen. The first member of your team to sign up will create an organization along with their account.

Once they've created their account the organization is created as well and they can now invite others to the same organization. Each invited colleague can communicate using messages and participate in groups with other colleagues.

Step 1: Determine who will create your organization and who will be a part of it. This person will then create their account and the organization, then invite others.

Who can be part of an Organization?

Mizzen is designed for out-of-school-time professionals. Anyone can be part of an organization but at the moment Mizzen does not differentiate between Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Children. They all have the same level of access. If you were to invite parents or students, they'd be able to modify anything you could modify. For this reason we suggest only inviting program staff.

Step 2: Determine who will be part of the organization. We suggest only including staff as part of an organization.

If including parents and children in your Team account is something you are interested in seeing, please use our support contact form and let us know. Include any background or reasoning to help us understand the use case as best we can. Parents are still able to create their own individual accounts if they would like to join Mizzen.


After staff have been invited each instructor will be able to create their own groups. Groups can consist of as few as one child to dozens depending on your needs. Consider how you might group students for activities. If you have a variety of age groups then you may need separate groups to organize for each age group, if you have students all of a particular age group and they'll all be participating in the same activities then a single group would be best.

Step 3: Determine how you will split youth into groups. No plan is set in stone and you can always change them later.

Too many groups may be unwieldy. Too few may not be flexible enough. Find a balance for your classrooms.

Need help?

If you have any questions about how to use Mizzen in your organization, or would like advice for how to set it up, please use our support contact form to contact us. We'll be happy to help with any questions you have and help you succeed in using Mizzen!