Learn about how to find and use classroom content with Mizzen.

Mizzen provides over a thousand activities that you can use in your classroom. Each activity has easy to access information such as the age range, the total time it will take to complete, a quick overview of the activity along with learning objectives, and a list of any materials needed to complete the activity.

You always know what to expect when you view any content in Mizzen because every playlist, module, and activity is structured the same way. We include clear, step-by-step instructions for how to teach the content, as well as variations you can use if you want to change the lesson around to better fit your classroom.

Using Content

Below are ways to find and discover content. After learning how to find the content for your classroom you can learn how to use it.

Playlists, Modules and Activities

Playlists-Modules-ActivitiesActivities are individual lessons that are designed to be completed in one session. Use activities for single day lessons.

Modules are a grouping of activities that form a unit together on the same topic. Each activity in a module may build on prior activities. Use a Module for activities that will span multiple sessions.

Playlists are also groupings of activities but are often longer and can be more diverse. Activities in a Playlist are usually self-contained on a similar topic. Use a Playlist for multiple sessions planned around a larger topic.

Find Content Using Search

Searching for content is the most efficient way to find content that fits your needs in the classroom. Mizzen categorizes and makes all its content searchable.

Learn how to search for content

Find Content By Browsing

Browsing is another way to find content. Browsing will let you scroll through the activities, modules and playlists to see if anything sparks an interest.

Learn how to browse for content